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Pneumatic Conveying of Plastics & Like Products

Delta Ducon revolutionized the pneumatic conveying industry with the introduction of SPIRA/flo pipe, an internally grooved aluminum and stainless steel pipe/tube designed to minimize angel hairs, streamers, and other material buildup caused by conveying plastic pellets. This innovative product quickly gained popularity among world renowned plastics producers who were impressed by its superior performance and durability. 


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  • Eliminates angel hairs and streamers

  • Reduce material buildup

  • Extends pipe life

  • No additional pressure drop or horsepower requirements

  • Backed by a five-year warranty

  • A proven track record

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A Superior Solution to Shot peening & Dimpled Pipe

Prior to SPIRA/flo, shot peening was the primary method of treating pipe interiors to reduce material buildup. While shot peening was somewhat effective, it required frequent retreatment due to the abrasive nature of the pellets, which wore away the pipe's surface.

SPIRA/flo, on the other hand, utilizes a unique internal grooving process that displaces metal rather than cutting into it. This method creates a series of ridges and valleys that disrupt the airflow, forcing the pellets away from the pipe wall and preventing material buildup.

The SPIRA/flo Advantage

While some competitors have attempted to create their own versions of grooved pipe, none have been able to replicate the superior performance and durability of SPIRA/flo. These imitations often use cut grooves, which can leave jagged edges on the pipe surface and lead to pellet damage and increased dust production.

SPIRA/flo pipe has a long and successful history of performance in the plastics industry. Original installations of SPIRA/flo pipe have been in operation for over 25 years without requiring retreatment SPIRA/flo pipe is proudly manufactured in the USA using stringent quality control procedures, ensuring consistent performance and reliability. Its reputation for excellence has earned it a place in the toolkits of many leading plastics producers.

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To prevent degradation of plastic pellets, Schedule 10 piping/11-gauge tubing shall be treated by the SPIRA/flo method which presses a groove into the inside diameter of aluminum or stainless steel pipe and tube and actually displaces metal as it forms the groove. This process will provide a ridge (or hill) on either side of the depression, thus giving conveying air uplift. The uplift, along with the downdraft created by the depression, provides the turbulence necessary to keep pellets away from the pipe wall, thus minimizing build-up, snakeskins or angel hair. Grooving will be such that piping will not have to be re-grooved after sustained conveying.

SPIRA/flo Groove Example

Pipe/Tube Size

Note: 10" and 12" Pipe must be Sch 20 or Sch 40 (Bend Radius 96" with 20"24" Tangents) Pipe and bends shall be by Delta Ducon LLC "SPIRA/flo"

Bends supplied with the following standard radii and tangents, however, can be custom made to most specific requirements. 

Final Considerations

The SPIRA/flo method of pipe treatment is a proven solution for minimizing material buildup and extending pipe life in plastic pellet pneumatic conveying applications. Its superior performance, durability, and five-year warranty make it the preferred choice for many of today’s plastics producers.

For over 100 Years, Delta Ducon has been a leading provider of high-performance, durable bulk material handling systems and components. Our comprehensive portfolio seamlessly integrates into diverse industrial applications, ensuring efficient and reliable operations.

Driven by a commitment to quality and innovation, we engineer solutions that withstand the test of time, ensuring uninterrupted operations and optimized productivity. Our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction have established Delta Ducon as a trusted partner for businesses worldwide. Partner with Delta Ducon and experience the enduring legacy of material handling excellence.​

Warranty: The five (5) year warranty on the subject product is expressly conditioned upon the handling and processing of standard-grade poly(ethylene terephthalate) ("PET") or nylon pellets within the parameters defined by the manufacturer's specifications.

Alternative Pellets: While the SPIRA/flo technology demonstrably enhances processing performance and reduces the formation of unwanted filamentous byproducts ("angel hair") when employed with aforementioned PET and nylon pellet variants, it is hereby acknowledged that its utilization on alternate materials may result in a diminished lifespan of the internal spiraling mechanism.

Maintenance Optimization: To optimize the longevity of the aforementioned spiraling mechanism and prolong the effective lifespan of the warranty period, periodic rotation and/or clean-out of the processing pipe may be necessary.

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