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SPIRA/flo Pipe

Pneumatic Conveying of Plastics & Like Products

Due to friction, fines, streamers, angel hair or snakeskins are formed during the pneumatic transport of plastic resins, pellets and chips. These products, when conveyed will begin to melt along the walls of convey line. The accumulation of the melted product can build up over time and flake off into the product stream potentially contaminating the end product.


In the 1970’s Delta Ducon (Ducon Fluid Transport at the Time) developed pressed spiral grooved pipe and tubing dubbed SPIRA/flo. The pressed groove of Delta Ducon’s’s SPIRA/flo Pipe creates turbulence in the air stream keeping the product away from the pipe/tube wall.


What sets SPIRA/flo apart from other forms of convey line for plastic handling ie: shot blast, cut groove, etc.. Is the unique pressed groove which displaces the metal on the interior in lieu of cutting which causes sharp edges which can harm the integrity of the product or a blasting process which wears away quite frequently.


SPIRA/flo Tube/Pipe/Bends are available in sizes 2" through 8" in schedule 10 and 10” and 12”in Sch 40 aluminum or stainless steel pipe. 

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