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Perma/flo Pipe and Fittings

For Industrial and Power Applications

Delta Ducon PERMA/flo pipe & fittings are designed to withstand the wearing action of abrasive materials when transported either hydraulically or pneumatically.


PERMA/flo Pipe & Fittings are cast of proprietary iron alloys that produce hardness ranges up to 550 BHN (Brinell Hardness Number).  PERMA/flo out preforms other industry options such as 316 SS (140 BHN) and cast grey iron (180 BHN).


PERMA/flo Pipe & Fittings are joined together with the use of compression couplings.  Couplings allow for minor thermal expansion and alignment, providing up to 4 degree deflection.  Flange adaptors are available when flanged connections are needed.


PERMA/flo fitting are available in an extra thick Integral Wear Back (IWB) design and a Removable Wear Back (RWB) design.

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