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Vacuum Conveying System

For Industrial and Power Applications

Vacuum systems can be used to unload railcars and trucks, transfer product from bins, silos, hopper, pulse jet fabric filters, ESP hoppers or any collection point (or pick up point).

Vacuum conveying systems can be used for both short or long distances.   Vacuum systems are typically known as the leanest form of pneumatic conveying.  Unlike a pressurized pneumatic conveying, if leaks occur with a vacuum system, ambient air is pulled inward, minimizing the possibility of dust escaping. 

Basic Vacuum System Advantages:

  • Ideal for many pick up points to a single destination.

  • Ideal for low headroom at the pick up points.

  • Ideal when dust control is important.  (vacuum leaks are inward)

  • Ideal when material characteristics tend to vary.

  • Ideal when material temperature is under 500 deg F.

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