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Blower Packages Vacuum & Pressure

For Industrial and Power Applications

A positive displacement blower is the most common motive air source for the pneumatic transport and fluidization of dry bulk materials.


Delta Ducon Blower Packages are comprised of state-of-the-art components along with high quality

PD (Positive Displacement) blowers.


Typical Delta Ducon Blower Packages include:

  • PD Blower

  • TEFC Motor

  • Double Adjustment Slide Base

  • Flat or Raised Base Skid

  • Inlet Filter (Replacement Cartridge)

  • Inlet Silencer (Double Chamber Type)

  • Discharge Silencer (Double Chamber Type)

  • V-Belt Drive

  • OSHA or MSHA Drive Guard

  • Inlet & Discharge Flexible Connection

  • Check Valve

  • Interconnecting Piping

  • Painting & Testing

  • Pressure Gauge

  • Pressure Relief Valve

  • Temperature Switch


Blower packages are pre-assembled to the maximum extent practical.  Sound enclosures are offered when noise levels are a concern.


Delta Ducon Blower Packages are ideally suited for:

  • PD Truck Unloading

  • Pneumatic Conveying (Vacuum & Pressure)

  • Fluidizing Silos, Hoppers & Aeration

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