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Ash Handling

For Industrial and Power Applications

Delta Ducon provides a large range of ash handling equipment for Utilities, Pulp & Paper, Waste to Energy and Industrial Boilers.  Fly ash, bottom ash and retrofit system that can eliminate ash pond storage with the most economical approach to fit your budget.


Pneumatic Conveying:

Whether short distance conveying or multistage Vacuum/Pressure transfer for long distances, Delta Ducon has the equipment & technology to find a solution for your ash handling needs.


Mechanical Conveying:

Delta Ducon offers mechanical Submerged Scraper Conveyors (SSC) and patented Remote Bottom Ash Dewatering (RSSC) that eliminate the need to slurry ash to ash storage ponds.


Storage & Unloading:

Ash storage silos, wet and dry unloading systems and aeration systems are an important part of your ash handling system.  Delta Ducon provides this equipment as part of our ash handling technology.


Ash Handling Systems and Equipment:

  • Vacuum Systems

  • Pressure Systems

  • Vacuum/Pressure Hybrid Systems

  • Ash Re-Injection Systems

  • Submerged Scraper Conveyors (SSC)

  • Remote Bottom Ash Dewatering (RSSC)

  • Ash Storage Silos

  • Silo Aerations Systems

  • Silo Unloading Systems

  • PERMA/flo Ash Piping and Fittings

  • Ash Intake Valves & Segregation Valves

Additional Products

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