Type HD Rotary Valves

For Industrial and Power Applications

The PERMA/flo HD rotary valves fill a gap in the market between the typical industry standards of heavy duty and our PERMA/flo XT & XL Extreme Duty rotary valves.

The PERMA/flo HD rotary valves are offered in the two most common sizes, 8” & 12”.  The HD rotary valves have many of the same standard features of our PERMA/flo XT & XL Extreme Duty rotary valves, but the main difference is that it’s rotor and seal shoe are cast in a heavy iron alloy with a Brinell hardness of 180‐260 BHN.

The PERMA/flo HD rotary valves can be applied as rotary feeders and airlocks.  The PERMA/flo HD rotary valves feature a unique design that offers adjustment between the rotor and the seal shoe.  This adjustability enables the rotor to seal shoe gap to be maintained providing the tightest seal possible throughout the life of the unit.  Adjusting and maintaining the gap clearance can be made while the unit is in place and proper safety procedures are followed.  


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