Petrochem & Plastics

For the manufacture Plastics, adhesives, and like products  

Delta Ducon products and technologies have been utilized in the manufacture of Petrochemicals and Plastics. Our patented SPIRA/flo Pipe and Fittings has been the choice of many plants since the 1970’s.  SPIRA/flo Pipe and fitting are used to counter the effects of angel hairs and streamers caused by friction while pneumatically conveying plastics and like products. Many have tried to copy but none have been successful in duplicating our unique SPRIA/flo process.  This product is still used today by many of the world’s leading plastic and chemical producers.  In addition Delta Ducon supplies pneumatic transport systems, rotary valves, pipe and fittings, etc… to various chemical, paint & pigment, and plastics manufacturing facilities.

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